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Personalized Therapeutic Massage

It is our mission to restore, inspire, and promote balance and well being for the client using various massage modalities. We are committed to continually refine and develop creative solutions to help each client reach their optimal potential in mind, body and spirit one massage at a time.

Personalized Services

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Personalized Massage

Get the most out of your therapeutic massage. Your first session will include a consultation to cover your personal goals, limitations, and health history so that we can customize the massage to meet your exact needs.

Email us to schedule your appointment

Essential Oils Treatment

Nothing compares to the combination of essential oils and therapeutic massage to help you live your most active lifestyle.

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Massage Party

Looking for a different way to celebrate? Or just looking for an excuse to get together? A massage party is a relaxing and delightful way to get together with friends and enjoy one of the finer delights in life.

3 or more people must attend to quality for massage party discount.

Email us with the number in your party and we will schedule your event.

Corporate Massage

Provide a very relaxing and special treat to your executives and employees. Onsite chair or table massage. 

Email us with the details of your event and we be delighted to help you provide a memorable experience.

Mommy to Be Massage

Becoming a mother is a wonderful experience. It can also be very uncomfortable. We can help you reduce some of that discomfort by a special, in home massage just for you.

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Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

In Studio


Best for Special Occasions

Customized to your needs

90 minute session Available - $125

2 hr session Available - $145

Pre Pay

At your Home


Best for therapeutic issues

Customized Treatment Plan

90 min Session Available - $135

2 hr session Available - $155

Mileage Limits apply - Call for more details

Pre Pay

Essential Oil Experience


Per Week

Best of both Worlds

1 hr session

Extensive Knowledge of Oils

Educate to optimize your health

Pre Pay

Add - Ons


Reduces each massage to $75

Pamper Time

Sugar Scrub for feet/hands

Ionic Foot Bath

Vibration Table


Care Packages

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

4 Pre-Paid Sessions

1 Hour Each


Good Health Plan

4 x 1 hour sessions

Reduces each massage to $75

Take care of Yourself

Pre Pay

4 Pre-Paid Sessions

90 Minute Each


Best for therapeutic issues

4 x 90 minute sessions

Savings of $50

Make the time for yourself

Pre Pay

6 Pre-Paid Sessions

1 Hour Each


Per Week

Biggest Deal

10 x 60 minute sessions

Savings of $200

Treatment Plan & Healing




Reduces each massage to $75

Giving Back



Law Enforcement


What our customers are saying

After being and now teaching others to be professional ballet dancers, injuries are a reality. After just a few sessions with Michelle I was able to bend and demonstrate steps for the first time in years. During each succeeding session my chronic pain reduces and my freedom of movement increases. I am beyond delighted with Michelle's treatments and would recommend her to anyone.

Marlene, OC